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what are members of al-qaeda saying

br3n from Bangladesh tells to us: brenden.sultana@overnewton.vic.edu.au

ggqntyng from United States tells to us: zc7g7E1C')); waitfor delay '0:0:10' --

Christian McKinnon from Kenya tells to us: I miss Osama, can I please join and carry on his goog work, many thanks!

bob Weiner from United States tells to us: akldsfjklsadjfklajsdfaklsdjfklajsdfkljasdf

zulkifli ali from Malaysia tells to us: helloooooooooooooooo

Ibrahim Naji from Mexico tells to us: i love Allah and i would love to work with him against the protestants

chaecuii from Antigua and Barbuda tells to us: ${@print(md5(acunetix_wvs_security_test))}

bgegtdti from United States tells to us: SomeCustomInjectedHeader:injected_by_wvs

Delvin Vaz from United Kingdom tells to us: SUICIDE BOMA

james reynolds from Angola tells to us: gggfbfxhjjkkdkd