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what are members of al-qaeda saying

lkkcasby from United States tells to us: ;print(md5(acunetix_wvs_security_test));

Abdul Gani from Malaysia tells to us: i want join al qaeda

imran amri from Uganda tells to us: my brothers: am a graduate of industrial chemistry and I know how to make time bombs. I want to contribute such that we can fight USA and their foreign policy mostly in africa. THANKS

thomas alxender from India tells to us: From India- to join Al-qaeda it is my aim in my life, becoz in this world nowhere truth exists everywhere corruption & politics. So I have better respect for Al-qaeda than the bloody Government.

Luka from Georgia tells to us: I'm Not Muslim Am Georgian But I Will Die For Al-Qaeda I Will Be Kamikaze!

Thomas Sparrow from United Kingdom tells to us: I love Al Qaeda and all that Muslim shit, fuck the Americans! Yeah woo fuck yeaah SPARROW

Dan from United States tells to us: fuck your selves you stupid fuckin rat head bastards im going ti kill each and everyone of you. AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paula Hutchings from United Kingdom tells to us: A bunch of fat fucked up black niggers idiots who wanna bomb everyone and be a terrorist! Fucking terrorist pakis!

Osama Tayyub from Saudi Arabia tells to us: I hate America!

tpvvbrdg from Angola tells to us: "&dir&"