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what are members of al-qaeda saying

Din mamma from Sweden tells to us: I love u i wanna join!

lkxaikxk from United States tells to us: ../.../.././../.../.././../.../.././../.../.././../.../.././../.../.././windows/win.ini

Saja das from India tells to us: Plz joien me

corrupt congress Rahul Ghandi from United States tells to us: i want more money

Luckmore mapfumo from Zimbabwe tells to us: I just like al qaeda because we can make the world a better place with al qaeda

JORDAN GUYSE from United States tells to us: I LOVE MUSLIMS

hrqigwbg from Algeria tells to us: !(()&&!|*|*|

matthew allaby from Canada tells to us: I am angry with my government because like the united states government my government is trying to take away my freedom and trying to control the way I think and act. I refuse to conform and I refuse to support this so called democracy, I wish to fight back and I have come to you for help.

Barrack Osama from United States tells to us: heil hitler

dolgkxxy from United States tells to us: 'set|set&set'