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what are members of al-qaeda saying

Harold McMahon from United States tells to us: Asalamu Aleykum.

ravi from India tells to us: i love al quaeda

hameed ibrahim from India tells to us: islam is my ;ife

Michael DeFries from Andorra tells to us: President Obama llama

rgdjlcly from American Samoa tells to us: '"()

harvey read taylor from Algeria tells to us: i luv u guys

Dr. Jimmy Rustles from United States tells to us: I love your work <333 keep it up! ^^

Trabach from United States tells to us: I love Ben Laden

Brad kemp from Australia tells to us: I american duck face facebookers i want kill them in the name of allah

Sanje Mohammad Jigdeep from Pakistan tells to us: You kno where I buy anthrax from? my group pay top dollar or trade for rpgs/ak47 etc.