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what are members of al-qaeda saying

Joe Shmo is gay. from United States tells to us: joe is gaaaaayyyy

dshbceec from Algeria tells to us: ';cat /etc/passwd;'

laki luciano from Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of tells to us: helloooooooooooooooooooooo

joey cardamomn from United States tells to us: i fly planes good

Mohammed Ahmed from Netherlands tells to us: Hi Al-Qaeda, I would like to ask you, KILL OBAMA.

HAHAHAHAH from Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands tells to us: Hello my specs very cool yeah come let me join

Alazar Abebe from United States tells to us: Is there a minimum GPA requirement to join?

T. karmakar from India tells to us: Sir, I am Indian. I want to work with u. I am a poor man. Hindi is my language. I need your help. plz contact me. Email: forme2069@gmail.com

Mohammed from Iran (Islamic Republic of) tells to us: Allah akba!

gdbvcbwn from Algeria tells to us: SomeCustomInjectedHeader:injected_by_wvs