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what are members of al-qaeda saying

Treherne "The Bomber" Karunaratne from Bangladesh tells to us: I am a muslim bitch that likes to bomb the peasants of America lololololol. I am a master of teh suicide bombings!

Fred Carter from United States tells to us: I love you guys. I really want to join you in the fight against the Americans

H.m.nifras from Sri Lanka tells to us: I would like to joind al_qaeda. And do some of terroris action againce america... This is my ampition..

Holly Apple from New Zealand tells to us: Hi Al-Qaeda, I think I've got what it takes :)

dev from India tells to us: contact me fast fast fast if u r really terror i want become next osama

Ed Hatzenbeler from United States tells to us: id like to fuck amurica in the arse

laki luciano from Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of tells to us: hellooooooooooooooooooo

SuperJew from United States tells to us: I am the motherfucking SuperJew. bow down to me muslims.

baloch from Oman tells to us: i no commentes

Fabrizio Messeti from Brazil tells to us: I've been a doctor for more than 10 years and I always supported the cause. Count on me wherever you need